• PDP Mainstage drum kit W/ 800 HW White

PDP Mainstage drum kit W/ 800 HW White



The all-new Mainstage is a pre-configured entry level kit that includes drums, pedals, hardware, cymbals and even a throne—everything the budding drummer needs to start their drumming journey. The drums feature hardwood construction in a durable wrapped finish. Paiste 101 Brass cymbals and a full middle weight hardware pack complete the rig. Drum sizes are 10x8 in. and 12x9 in. toms, 16x14 in. floor tom, 22x18 in. bass drum and 14x5 in. matching snare. The hardware pack includes a cymbal boom stand, straight cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand and a drum throne. The 4-piece cymbal pack includes 14 in. top and bottom hi-hats, 20 in. ride and 16 in. crash.


  • Bass drum(s): 22 x 18 in.
  • Tom(s): 10 x 8 in., 12 x 9 in.
  • Floor tom(s): 16 x 14 in.
  • Snare: 14 x 5 in.
  • Total pieces: 5
  • Cymbals: Yes
  • Total cymbals: 4
  • Hardware: Yes
  • Bass pedal: Yes
  • Hi-hat stand: Yes
  • Boom stand: Yes
  • Straight stand: Yes
  • Throne: Yes
  • Hardware pieces: 6
  • Shell material: Hardwood
  • Construction: Multi-ply
  • Thickness (mm): Info Not Available
  • Bearing edge: Info not available
Drum Hardware
  • Material: Steel
  • Mounts: Traditional
  • Hoops: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Low-mass
  • Heads: Factory
  • Finish type: Wrap
  • Origin country: China