Behringer QX1002USB Xenyx 10 Channel Mixer with USB and Effects



The Behringer XENYX QX1002USB mixer is made to handle live gigs, and provide you with the tools necessary to capture professional-quality recordings. Along with its built-in USB/audio interface, "one-knob" mono channel compressors and KLARK TEKNIK FX engines, the XENYX QX1002USB mixer comes with enough recording and editing software to turn your computer into a complete recording studio.

The QX1002USB is a 10-input, 2-bus mixer with XENYX mic preamps and compressor, and a range of built-in FX, it's just the right size for medium-sized gigs or home studio applications. RCA CD/Tape I/O comes standard on all XENYX mixers. KLARK TEKNIK FX Nothing adds the finishing touch to a live or recorded performance like really good effects. Designed by the world-renowned KLARK TEKNIK engineering team, these high-end FX processors feature 32 studio-grade presets with dual addressable parameters, Tap function and storable user parameter settings. Complete with its own dedicated level meter, these effects provide a wide range of enhancement options, from sweet and mild to absolutely wild!

XENYX Mic Preamps

All XENYX mixers have one thing in common; great-sounding, high headroom XENYX mic preamps. XENYX preamps offer 130dB of dynamic range with a bandwidth that extends from below 10Hz to well above 200kHz. As a result, XENYX mixers can reproduce a cleaner, transparent performance. British EQ The British consoles of the 1960s and ˜70s changed the sound of rock and roll. Without them, the British Invasion might not have even happened. Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. The channel EQs on all XENYX mixers are based on that very same circuitry, allowing you to saturate signals with warmth and character. Even when applied generously, these equalizers exhibit forgiveness and superb audio quality.

USB Audio Interface

Modern technology has put personal recording well within the reach of virtually anyone with access to a computer. But how do you get all that music flying around your brain into a computer? Thanks to the built-in, bi-directional stereo USB audio interface, you can connect directly to your PC or Mac computer via a single USB cable. Now any signal source connected to the mixer can be recorded straight to your hard drive.


Software Behringer has put together a massive software download that includes Audacity (the most popular open source audio editor), Podifier, Juice, Podnova and Golden Ear (a great selection of podcasting software). You're ready to go live on your PC or Mac right out of the box! You also get more than 100 virtual instruments and 50 FX plug-ins, turning your computer into a complete home-based or mobile recording studio. Features Format Analog/digital: Analog Analog inputs Total: 10 Mic preamps: 2 XLR/TRS combo jacks: Not applicable XLR only jacks: 2 1/4" only jacks: 10 RCA (stereo pair): 1 Phantom power: Yes Analog outputs Main XLR out: Not applicable Main 1/4" out: 2 Aux XLR: Not applicable Aux 1/4": 1 RCA (stereo pair): 1 Headphone: 1 Onboard effects Compression: Yes Reverb: Yes Delay: Yes Chorus/flange: Yes Equalization Bands per channel: 3 Treble: Yes High midrange: No Sweep high midrange: No Midrange: Yes Sweep midrange: No Low midrange: No Sweep Low midrange: No Low: Yes Q: No Master graphic: 31-band Inserts/buses Inserts (channel): No Inserts (master): No Buses: None Sub groups: None Connectivity USB: Yes FireWire: No WiFi: No ADAT: No Thunderbolt: No S/PDIF No MIDI: No Other Width x height x depth: 2 x 7.7 x 9.8" Weight: 2.4 lbs. Automation: No Fader type: Rotary Motorized faders: No Bundled software: No