DMark Omega Bass Brazilian Exotic Goncalo Alves Top Inlays 5 String *IN STOCK*





Omega 5 strings

Top: Exotic Brazilian Goncalo Alves wood
Scale: Rosewood Pernambuco.
Inlays: Abalone Dot
Body: Premium Cedar

Neck: Maple w/ Ipe stripe for stability against torsion. (Faixa no meio com formato cônica com laterais paralelas, proporcionando melhor estabilidade contra torção.)
Tension Rod Cover: Golden Metal with etched D'Mark logo.
Nut: Black Chrome.
Finish: PU satin anti-humidity finish with 12 layers that handles any sort of climate.
Bridge: Monorrail with individual string locks, providing with best stability in tuning

String Spacing: 19mm

Scale length: 34 in

Pickup: D'Mark PRO5 IGA (Individual Gain Adjustment, each magnet can be individually adjusted for gain control, noiseless hum cancelling. 

Preamp D'Mark 3 band: (bass, mids, treble, volume, volume ,active/passive, choice of mids in separate key, extra general gain control inside bass).

Note worthy: The glue DMark uses is an anti humidity mix and and resists over 250 KG/ cm squared of force. It is an all climate, any kind of humidity kind of glue

Circuit Layout