• JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal
  • JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal
  • JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal

JHS Pink Panther Delay Pedal


JHS Pink Panther Delay

With a full second of delay, tap tempo, ratio, modulation, eq, and more, the Pink Panther is everything you want and nothing you don't need. Your search for the perfect diamond heist is over.


Time - Controls the time of the repeats. Left is faster/shorter, Right is slower/longer.

Mix - Controls the mix or volume of the delay signal. Left is less mix, right is more mix. All the way left is full dry, all the way right is full wet.

Ratio - Controls the ratio of the tapped in speed. When all the way to the left on the quarter note, the delay will be exactly what you tap in. When you turn it to the right it begins to subdivide the speed of your tap. You can select dotted eighth note, eighth note, or triplets.

Repeats - Controls the amount of repeats the delay will have. Left is less, right si more. The Pink Panther will do endless repeats when set all the way to the right. If you change the Time when the repeats are all the way up, you will hear a digital feedback noise. This is normal and could even be used for interesting sounds like you would hear from an analog delay.

Dark - Darkens the tone of the repeats. Left is darker, right is brighter.

Mod Toggle - Choose between two modulation settings that affect the repeats only. The down position (Mod 1) is a light and subtle modulation. The middle position bypasses modulation. The up position (Mod 2) is a deep and intense modulation.

Digital/Tape Switch - Lets you choose between clean and clear digital delay repeats and slightly saturated and compressed tape delay repeats.


Input - Jack on the top right side of the pedal.

Output - Jack on the top left side of the pedal.

Tap out Jack - Jack on the right side of the pedal. Allows you to slave another tap pedal or use an external tap pedal.