• Walrus Audio DEFCON4 Preamp/EQ/Boost Pedal
Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio DEFCON4 Preamp/EQ/Boost Pedal


Prime Your Guitar Tone for Any Rig

With low, mid, and high EQ bands to boost or cut to your tastes, the Walrus Audio Defcon4 pedal is a great way to tailor your tone for any setting. Just a few knob turns brings out the best in any guitar, whether it has humbuckers or single-coil pickups. Guitarists at Sweetwater like using the Defcon4 pedal as a focused boost too — just engage the Launch control for a 10dB boost. Walrus Audio worked closely with Ryan Adams on the look and sound of the Defcon4 preamp/EQ/boost pedal, and the result is a flexible sonic tool that drips with '80s vibe.

Walrus Audio Defcon4 Preamp/EQ/Boost Pedal Features:

  • Versatile tone-sculpting pedal for electric guitar
  • 3 rotary knobs to boost/cut low, mid, and high frequencies
  • Launch switch engages a 10dB MOSFET boost
  • Rugged die-cast enclosure
  • Requires 9-volt, 100mA-minimum power supply (sold separately)